A tactics planning calendar
that generates content ideas for you.

Effective communications requires a well developed strategy and a detailed plan.

BeTactiCal can help.

Stay Focused

Stay true to your vision by connecting all of your tactics to your goals, key messages and target audiences.

Collaborate in the Cloud

Keep everyone on track, no matter where they are. BeTactiCal lets you easily share strategies and tactics with clients, team members and suppliers.

Do More in Less Time

Use BeTactiCal to streamline and manage all of your communications strategies and tactics in one place, with one tool.

Make Reporting Easier

Our custom reporting tools give you the information you need to track your progress and share with others.

Keep on Top of Trends

Improve your planning with our blog of communications and public relations examples, helpful tips, tutorials, new ideas and best practices.

Save Time and Money

Our online database of relevant themes, dates and activities gives you new ways to reach your target audience. The research is done for you.

BeTactiCal is the best new addition to your team:

  • Your all-in-one communications planning and management tool
  • A built-in database of themes and activities to help you reach your audience
  • Perfect for new communicators and seasoned pros

Plus, BeTactiCal will always have your back and never steal your lunch from the staff room fridge. 😉

Communicate Strategically

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