Explore BeTactiCal

BeTactiCal is powerful and easy-to-use tool for communications planning, content management and knowledge translation. BeTactiCal was created to be simply effective — user-friendly, but with the tools you need to make your plan come to life.

With BeTactiCal you can:

See It

List of opportunity categories in BeTactiCal

Get content ideas 

An in-app database of themes dates and activities within your industry gives you endless ideas for content creation. Whether it be for a blog, social media post or upcoming conference – the research is done for you!

The strategy tab in the tactic window

Stay focused on your goals

The BeTactiCal team understands that sometimes we can get pulled off track. That’s why BeTactiCal allows you to connect your activities to specific goals and audiences to help you stay focused on what you set out to achieve.

Plan It

Easily plan your communications strategy

A strategy section that was designed to make it easy to organize your communication goals, messages and audiences in one location.

List of goals and audiences in a strategy

Manage content and tactics with ease  

Use BeTactiCal to manage all of your communications tactics and content in one place, with one tool.The TactiCal page is designed to easily manage your communications activities across all  channels.

The TactiCal view

Do It

Task list

Create tasks lists

The Tasks feature offers a built-in “to do” list so everyone knows what needs to happen to get the job done.

Report generator

Share your progress

The reporting tab will give you great printable reports to track your activities, and share your progress with the team, board or manager.