We wanted to cut through the clutter and simply open one tool that would help us strategically plan, manage and report on public relations, media relations and communications activities. We couldn’t find such a tool- so we built one!

We created BeTactiCal because we were becoming overwhelmed with expectations to communicate more often, using less resources – and to report on our results. We see new tools and new trends every day – and we wanted a way to tame the beast that is the 24/7 news cycle.

BeTactiCal was designed by communications professionals who understand your pain. We know how many different tools out there are promising you great things. But we believe that BeTactiCal is different. It’s the only all-in-one tool out there – and our database of themes, activities and events is completely unique and a huge advantage for you and your organization.

Give us a try by signing up for a FREE trial – or if you still want to know more send us a note to learn more, we’d be happy to chat!